Finding the best places of Davao City

It summer time! Probably, the best time for you to unwind and relax in some other places. Maybe, spend your vacation together with your family, love ones, whoever. Philippines, indeed, is one of the premier spot for breathtaking sceneries, beautiful beaches, high class hotels and romantic getaways, particularly Davao City. Merely known for its great sport activities like scuba diving, hiking, and whole lot more. Thus, Davao City the most livable place in the Philippines offers you the best places in the country. On this article, I made my very own list where you can find the most sumptuous and yet cheaper places here in Davao to stay in.

Before your date you should think of the best place to go. Make sure that it will suit to your taste and budget as well as to your partner/s that you are going to take during your vacation trip. Davao will give you full trip enjoyment and will lead you to its beautiful places. Rest assured, your outing with your friends, family, and love ones would be fun and memorable. Also, don’t rush yourself to go in a vacation right away again you need to do a plan. Pack up your things the night before you leave so that you will not forget to bring those things that you will be needing like foods, cameras and other personal stuff.

Davao Gulf is a gulf found in Mindanao in the Philippines. Davao Gulf cuts into the island of Mindanao from Celebes Sea. It is surrounded by all four provinces in the Davao Region. The largest island in the gulf is Samal Island. Meaning we have the beaches the most interesting and beautiful beaches you can find in the country. One of the best resorts is Pearl Farm Beach Resort lies in a secluded cove on Samal Island off the coast of Davao City. Almost all of the beaches have the best tropical view cool water, warm sun and white beaches are here. If you want a place were you can have walks while watching some local wild animals Crocodile Farm is the best place for you. You can also eat crocodile dishes here! The Philippine sanctuary is an interesting place to go, be sure to visit it too.

People in Davao loves food and night life so it’s not hard to find the best spots here. The restaurants and the best eating places are everywhere in downtown and uptown area. If you like drinking while watching live bands Cynthias, Flyover Ihaw-Ihaw, The Venue, Matina Town Square and Rizal Promenade are some of the most exciting places to go. Barbecue places like Penongs, Banoks, Gardenia, Wow and Malitavas are just one of the few good places to eat grilled foods.

Lastly the hotels of Davao enjoy the sights and tastes of the beautiful and exotic Davao as you revel in the luxury of staying The Crown Regency Residences Davao, Marco Polo Davao, Waterfront Insular Davao, and The Royal Mandaya Hotel all of them have great accommodation mixed with the hospitality and the warm culture of the people of Davao.

There are many other beautiful places which you can find at the city of Davao. Beaches, parks, rivers and many more. Fun and excitement is just here waiting for you. What are you waiting for com’on and treat your whole family!

Davao City Bajada

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21 Comments on “Finding the best places of Davao City”

  1. darlyn Says:

    Thanks for sharing this if i have some free time matour ko ang whole davao…
    ligaw na bulaklak lng kc ako dito..

    If you want to make some footprints in Gensan heheeh just call me… itour ko rin kau doon…

    by the way, I post new article in my blog and here some line of it
    “No matter how full you life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”

    I’m here wanna share some cups of coffee for you…

    Read more here

  2. darlyn Says:

    nalink na po kita.. pakiview nlng po sa blog ko slamat

  3. ermonrice Says:

    Yeah, Davao is one of the best place to hang out to, aside from being one of the cleanest city, its also the most secure and peaceful place here in the southern part of mindanao.

  4. bridex Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Davao is simply awesome. I’ve dedicated a whole blog to this beautiful city. Hope you check it out. Cheers!

  5. janeth basilisco Says:

    hi,i miss davao na tlaga,they said that davao was aprogressive and a beautiful place na,14 yrs. na kac akng hindi nkabalik jan,but i’ll kip on searching in the internet about davao,8’S VRY NICE, , , , MABUHAY DAVAO!!!!!!!!

  6. janeth basilisco Says:

    hi po sa inyo,kmusta na ang davao??? advance merry x-mas sa inyo …………

  7. ALAN SALADA Says:


    • felix santos Says:

      korek ka dapat si mayor Duterte ang tumakbong Presedente ng Pinas para talagang titino bansa natin.Pag puro pulitika walang mangyayari!

      • alan Says:

        tama ka bro.
        dapat si mayor ang maging presidente para mawala ang mga gago sa pinas lalo na ang mga walang hiya na corrupt na politician. pinapakain nila ang mga anak ng walang hiya politician with the our money. wala talagang hiya . sana mahiya sila at makarma. sana masunog sila sa mga ginagawa nilang kahihiyan

  8. shen Says:

    hmmm.alm nyo po nice tlaga dito sa davao.

    dami mga beatiful places dito. kahit san mganda khit mga davawenya.hehehehe

  9. Efren Says:

    i love Davao City . Its a place to enjoy and relax to go Vacation and very peaceful.Keep the good job Davao Kababayan.Aloha from Hawaii……

  10. Riza-Lyn R. Fajardo Says:

    I do love Davao City.. i cannot even think of a place to live in but only in DAVAO!!!…

  11. […] Photo Credits Tags: Davao City, Fashion, Style Davao […]

  12. Sigma Man Says:

    I met and married my wife in Davao City. We visited Pearl Farm on our honeymoon and other attractions. I can honestly say that Davao has to be one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines and you can drink the water without any problems not like in other cities in the Philippines. We can wait to get back to Davao and take our daughter to see her family in the Philippines.

    I recommend Davao to an American looking for a beautiful place to visit in the Philippines.

    Take care from
    Jacksonville, Florida

  13. chickenstar Says:

    thank you for visiting as well as staying here in our place! Bless Davao! Bless Philippines!

  14. nasser Says:

    what can i say about davao?awesome,blessed with beautyful scenery,fruits,yummy,durian the best.I am from Davao city,born and breed.A pure Davaowenyo.I’ve been away for so many years and when i,m retiring,Davao is the place where i wanna be.Mabuhay ang Davao.

  15. jane Says:

    i have been here in davao for 4 years now. well… i can say that i love davao verry much, and when i got to observe the people here in davao they seemed nice, entertaining, and funny. davao is between mt.apo and the bay in the gulf of davao, which makes a nice climate. many new buildings changed the face of davao. i used to not like the smell of durian, but when i got to taste durian i didn’t mind the smell and just enjoied eating it and got used to the smell. it’s like i never wanna leave davao for the next 4 years.

  16. Gladys Says:

    I have been in davao for 15 years already and a family too. I learn to love the culture and the people around and promise to stay here for good. Life is beautiful here.

  17. klevin Says:

    Yeah, Davao is like a perfect place where every single person wants to live in here.. but can I know some of the romantic places here in davao where you can just relax and watch some beautiful views with your partner?.:P

  18. i love davao so muchhhhhhhhhh…my feature place hehehe

  19. Keesha Says:

    Hi, yup this paragraph is really nice and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.

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