the life of a restless mother

she wakes up very early in the morning warming herself in the fire of her old dirty kitchen hearing only the noise of the crickets and watching the flicker of the fire that she made, reflecting it’s light on her old and tired eyes. she turns night to day, day turned to night working tirelessly just to insure herself that her asleep children will be going to school when they woke up and will not go there with an empty stomach. although she is tired and old still her heart keeps on beating giving her life for the love of her children. the mother who is always there when you needed her the most, a mother who patiently waits and will always be there by your side in times of trouble.

as time goes by as year slowly passed her children fear of one thing, the fear of losing her, they fear that this time will come and they had not even thanked her for the things that she had gave and shared to them, for the unconditional love, the kindness and for the smiles and the simple touch yet so grand..

i always pray that all the mothers will always be loved and will always be appreciated because they deserve more than we could give.

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2 Comments on “the life of a restless mother”

  1. waterspouts Says:

    This is very emotional. I can’t stop my tears from falling. HUHUHU!

  2. Riza-Lyn R. Fajardo-Albitno Says:

    I agree.. Its always in my mind that what if one day my mamamng would be gone…And “I love you’s” may not be enough to let her know that I loved here.. For her warmth shared, for her selflessness, for her kind and loving ways..For everything that she is.. Im just thankfull that God made me her daughter… 🙂

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