something deep inside

“Everything will be OK in the end, If it’s not OK, it is not yet the end.”

i am afraid to know that there are so many things i have to do in my life yet there are so many questions and uncertainties that came along the way. for all these years that i have lived i still ask what is the reason of my existence and where this would lead? will i get the same end what everything is supposed to happened?. it’s very cold now and i feel left out, the only thing that i hear is the beating of my own heart. the only hope left is that someday after the sunset i will have what i asked for and hoping that it will all soon be OK.

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One Comment on “something deep inside”

  1. Maikeru Says:

    Nicely set up and very easy on the eyes….

    I am from Davao and thank you for reminding what a “great city” I live in…

    Keep on doing what you are doing…

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